Mendocino County has announced that COVID-19 vaccinations are now available for young folks age 12 and up.   RCMS (Redwood Coast Medical Services) has issued the following statement:

"RCMS is happy to report that the FDA has approved the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine for children ages 12 and over.  We are collaborating with the Health Department to acquire this vaccine, and thoughtfully/safely adminiser it to children in our South Coast service area.  If you have children of ANY age who you want COVID19 vaccinated, please complete the following survey ( ) on the RCMS website — one for each child.  This will allow us to tally how many vaccines we need to request.  We are also collecting data on children younger than age 12, as we anticipate later in the summer, the COVID19 vaccine may also be approved for children under 12.   Please forward this information on to any friends or family in the South Coast region who have children, and encourage them to complete the survey and consider getting their children vaccinated.   Finally, no matter your age, if you have not yet received your COVID19 vaccine, RCMS will continue to offer these vaccines to all members of our community, free of charge.  If you are of any age, and need a vaccine, please register at the following link.   We will contact you once we have more vaccine available.  

Please remember that the vaccination of your children helps to protect not only their lives from COVID19, but the lives of the adults/elders in your family, and the community members that they come in contact with.   We continue to strive to reach a sufficient number of people immunized to reach “herd immunity” — which will help protect our entire community from COVID19 infection, and help us return to a safer and less restricted way of life.    Please help us do this for each other.